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Version 2.75c 10/23/2020
* COMBINE and enchant spells only work on items held in inventory now, not worn.

Version 2.75b 7/14/2020
* MOBPROGs are based on effective level now not current class level.
* Modified water travel.
* Fighting mobs will not walk out of combat anymore.
* Area names now display under room descriptions.

Version 2.75a 7/11/2020
* Intermud 3 capability added and finally working!

Version 2.74c 7/11/2020
* Fixed another repair bug (Thanks Eska!)
* Installed IMC... still a work in progress.

Version 2.74b 6/29/2020
* Fixed DA bug that has existed since the beginning of the code being introduced.
* Modified NumAttacks to be logical based on level.
* Fixed poison weapon not removing other flags (fire/ice/electric)
* Poison weapon no longer has a time.
* Modified Swish repair code.
* Modified mob DA, now that DA code has been fixed.
* Fixed Acetum Primus spell.

Version 2.74a 6/21/2020
* Configurable MOTD now can be shown in WHO command.
* Modified disease spread and what happens if you recover.

Version 2.73b 6/13/2020
* Enchant armor doesn't add AC to jewelry.
* ID string now shows wear slot
* Sleep spell duration reduced.
* Restore mana spell removed from play.

Version 2.73a 6/13/2020
* Centaur race introduced
* Old common language introduced (language of centaurs)
* Identify string shows for inventory / containers now

Version 2.72a 6/7/2020
* High level chars cannot loot corpses of players less than 10 levels below them.
* PK players must wait 10 minutes before they can initiate any PK attempts.

Version 2.71d  6/5/2020
* Remove curse does not remove ND/NR flags from weapons anymore.
* Modified damage resistances...
* Chain lighting spell added for shamans.

Version 2.71c  5/16/2020
* Fixed auction bug that would crash the mud.
* Added elemental crystals that can be combined with weapons.
* Dual wield bug fixed.
* Bonuses for champions.
* Bonus for white wizards.
* Fixed display bug for colorful items since more and more keep getting added :P

Version 2.71b  5/11/2020 - 5/16/2020
* Hunting mobs are smarter now.
* Underlying code for manaregen item stat added (like health amulets)

Version 2.71a  5/10/2020
* Added svp/svb/svs to score.
* Fixed some true sight detection error. 

Version 2.70d  5/2/2020-5/6/2020
* Fixed glitch, database entries for players were not being deleted if 
 they deleted themselves.
* Game now keeps track of generations (How many times a player's name 
 has been used).
* Mages can cast in their own silence.
* Non PK players corpses may only be looted by themselves.
* Supermobs have very low chance of contracting disease.
* Lowbie players cannot attack a mob greater than 20 levels if its hp is less
  than half.
* Fixed a glitch with multiclass casting.
* Wizards can only summon one creature at a time (1 of each is ok).
* Groups will now follow their leaders through the guild portal.
* A plaque in memoriam of Kole has been added to the Guild Hall.

Version 2.70c  4/27/2020
* Special global flags added (NoPK/FreePK/NoSafe/NoLoss)
* config +lowexit moves exits below room description per Milarah request
* Modified exit descriptions for when nothing special is set.
* Fixed bug with equipment being removed when player purchases pet/golem.

Version 2.70a/b  4/25/2020
* Cleaned up lots of code.
* Aerial combat implemented.
* Large mobs can randomly pop enchants on their weapons now.
* Mobs cannot cast through mute/quiet/silence anymore.

Version 2.7a 4/19/2020
* Chance to recover from disease based on health/con added... whoops.
* Symon's HEAL command now has DISEASE option.
* RSTAT shows who cast room spells (Immortal only)
* Changed IMMUNITY spell code some.
* Changed disease damage messages.
* Fixed glitch with damroll PERK.
* CURE DISEASE spell added
* Added hp cap check into advance_level code
* Forgot to mention I rewrote MEDITATE skill in previous notes

Version 2.7 4/18/2020
* Shaman tier added!!
* Implemented all underlying code for room spells (spells affect room)
* Fixed effective level bug calculation.
* Fixed Swish's repair command. (Thanks Bandar!)
* Phosphate, Darkness, Quiet spells all added.
* Soulsense spell added for shamans.
* Bug fix in spell casting for Shamans (Thanks Xia!)
* Random potion table repopulated
* Probably more stuff, but I forgot because I was all over

Version 2.68e 4/16/2020
* Animate dead bug fixed.
* Fixed practice bug (for command and levels)
* Modified how practices are applied when used.
* Refactored wis for level gains.
* Increased experience to level slightly, was never adjusted
   after higher caps were implemented. Should not be tedious grind
   but should also take more than a couple of minutes to level.
* WHOIS command is aliased to PLOOKUP if player is offline.

Version 2.68d/e 4/13/2020
* MXP implemented, MUD now has clickable links with supported clients.
* Revised random weapon system.
* Wrote underlying code to revamp random armor generation.
* Fixed a few crash bugs.
* Wrote RANKING command.
* Changed how supermobs get randoms.

Version 2.68d 4/1/2020
* MXP implemented and added to several commands.

Version 2.68a - 29 Feb 2020/1 Mar 2020
* PERK command implemented.
* COMBINE now works to combine smaller gems of the same type.
* Wealth gives a charisma bonus.
* Charisma gives a DA bonus.
* Fixed some old SMAUG buggy code.
* PLOOKUP command implemented, tied to database.
* Location quest implemented! LQUEST START
* Quest class implemented, QCHECK to see if you can level up.
* Reserve HP implemented, you can earn by leveling your quest class!
* RECOVER command transfer your reserve HP to your current HP.

Version 2.68c 3/16/2020
* CONFIG +VNUM now shows room VNUM. Added for Mudlet users to create maps.
* CONFIG +TELNETGA is now on by default. Again for Mudlet users. (Shows latency
* Object bug fixed that was affecting quest items.
* You can see your LQ clue again after starting a quest now.

Version 2.66b - 7 Oct 2017
* Installed Black Sand Beach by Vukral.
* Implemented DUPLICATE command for God+ (Clones objects)

Version 2.66a - 13 Sept 2017
* Modified shopkeepers a bit, they grow stronger on every respawn.  If you kill them enough times justice will hunt you.
* Modified guild portal code for following other players... more work to be completed.
* CONSIDER has a new parameter for shoppies that will spawn justice if you kill them. (Based on how many times they've died)

Version 2.65d - 16 August 2017
* WHOZONE/WHERE command now shows more information for immortals.
* Fixed crash bug involving shopkeeper corpses, shopkeepers no longer generate any corpse; they simply respawn on death.
* Updated get_char_world to put PCs before NPCs that have the same/similar name.

Version 2.65b - 24 June 2016
* Fixed some typos.
* Added gear to be loaded onto new players.
* Made a change to Aarock Academy and fixed a few bugs.
* Corpse values are now calculated based on corpse contents.
* Gold dropped from nocorpse mobs now is accumulated into a single pile.
* SCOREGOLD now displays a characters total share of the top player wealth pool as a percentage.
* PKSTAT no longer shows -nan for followings that never attacked.
* Reduced level of puddings in the world.

Version 2.65a - 10 Oct 2015
* EXITS command fixed.
* Modified auto exit output and also how room names are displayed.
* Implemented a delay in corpse retrieve for players above effective level 25, this is to prevent people from robbing PKers and also to discourage laziness :P

Version 2.65 - 27 Sept 2015
* Fixed a bug in PK where players would get stuck and not die.
* Made some changes to the bounty code. You can now bribe away attacker and killer flags.
* Started keeping track of hourly usage again, this was a stock feature that for whatever reason I disabled a long time ago. Would have been nice to have the data... Oh well.
* Capped NPC damage per round to prevent the uber rounds that happened with some mobs. (If anyone sees any 1000+ hits again let me know please.)
* Implemented random anklets.
* The equipment command will now show empty slots (though not shield/dual wield and held).
* The list argument under the store command has been reformatted to look less hideous.
* Laid out the code for FLIs to buy additional OM slots via FBUY.
* Fixed a crash bug with the SWITCH command.
* Cleared the typo list (actually fixed all the typos listed first!)
* Rewrote entire bounty system to tie into MySQL setup. This will become more fleshed out still.
* Hunting mobs won't give up just because a player logs out, they'll sit around angry until the player comes back or the mob is killed/purged in a reboot (or even worse crash :()
* Changed how ordain max slots are calculated, also FLIs can now buy additional slots via FBUY command for a hefty price.
* More work on storage command.

Version 2.64 - 8 Sept 2015
* Moved off of Raspberry Pi to higher end server.
* Extended spells and skills to keep track of the level at which they were used/cast.
* Used the new spell/skill tracking to modify the can_see code so now a person with a higher level invis spell can not be seen by anyone with a detect invis spell and so on.
* The above code also has the same affect on magic flags, low level detects will not see exactly how powerful an item is.
* The affects command has been modified to display this information better.
* Implemented STATUS command for our visually impaired players. (Easier on screen reading software)
* Dumped player table from database and reset player id numbers, noticed there was some corrupt data causing some weird glitches.
* A bunch of other crap I forgot to write down... I'm sure it was important.
* Newbie flagged players don't die in combat now. Combat is halted and they are partially restored.
* Bonuses for being online long durations have been implemented, but are untested.
* If there is not a board in your current room, your default board will be the guild hall board (note list)
* Revised experience spiral, it should be less severe now since there are not as many xp areas as I'd prefer.
* Convert command implemented, takes 50 practice sessions and gives 1 train.
* Swish can now repair etched armor.
* Fixed all racial languages, if anyone sees anything to the contrary when creating new characters let me know.
* Fixed a bug with racist troll mobs attacking troll PCs.

Version 2.63a - 13 Aug 2015
* Changed how room flags are handled.
* Added several new room flags and some supporting code.
* Fixed a crash bug in the track skill.
* Made changes to immortal combat, it should now be halted.

Version 2.62b (Pi) - 27 July 2015
* Keys no longer purge when a player logs out. I have no idea why I ever did this in the first place.
* Janitor mobs no longer hoard garbage, instead they make it go poof to save on memory. (literal garbage cleaners!)
* Scavenger mobs only scavenge for items of value now.
* Mobs have been altered to hopefully make xping for high level characters a little more tolerable.

Version 2.62a (Pi) - 7 July 2015
* Fixed a bug with the value of gem's being overwritten erroneously.
* Examining a gem now gives a little more information.

Version 2.62pi - 1 July 2015
* Converted over code to compile and run on Raspian OS.

Version 2.61 - 30 October 2013
* Socketed items and gems have been implemented, along with a command to easily expand upon gems.
* Newbie advice system revamped, as well as a command to easily expand upon via MySQL.
* Fixed how tells display when coming from mobs.

Version 2.60 - 29 Oct 2013
* MySQL integrated with the MUD!
* New player database implemented.
* New potion database implemented, for use with the new random potion system!

Version 2.59b - 26 Oct 2013
* Immortals now receive a notification if there is a potential case of multiplaying.
* All immortals will now see item swap notifications, previously it was only upper level immortals.
* The game now keeps track of pulsating item pops, also this is now reflected on the online stats page (
* The spell deafness has been implemented, but not yet applied to any classes. I'm mulling over who will receive this spell.
* Human experience bonus has been toned down some, it was a little over zealous.
* Tweaked the mobmaster target code, should change things up a bit and throw some harder mobs into the mix.
* Quest mobs and mobmaster mobs can no longer be portaled to (Untested)
* Removed spell lag completely... we'll see how this goes.
* Removed combat lag... yeah... same as above.
* Fixed a glitch in group gains.
* Only mages and wizards may use wands and staves now.
* Only clerics, ordained mortals and warriors(barbarians) may use shields.
* All classes may wear metal if above effective 35.

Version 2.59a - Oct 12 2013
* Shields can now block attacks.
* Armor can now deflect attacks.
* Barbarians and NPCs (meeting a certain requirement) can now throw attacks back to do damage.
* Armor class does not change if you're sleeping/standing anymore (This was stock SMAUG that was idiotic)
* The ranking scores now highlight your name in green if you've made the list.
* Added to Drow City.
* Changed how mobs base stats (such as int/str/dex) are calculated.
* Strength is even more important now than ever. *hint hint*
* Fixed a crash bug pertaining to a field in the FLI version of the score command.
* Wizlist retired section is now sorted by level.
* Scrapped and rewrote the entire enemy/ally code for followings.
* Set up a system to assign numbers to followings.
* Modified grantsight command to give FLIs and option to GS their entire following, also the command now displays a list of players granted sight.
* Obscure command implemented for ordained mortals (HELP OBSCURE)

Version 2.58c - Oct 6 2013
* Changed area listing
* Modified int stat
* Modified parry/disarm for mobs.
* Modified donate command.
* Mobs are now wearing their limited items properly.
* Cleaned up the score command.
* Made races easier to see on who/whois.
* Immortals now log in invis/in their temple or office regardless of if they logged out elsewhere and visible previously.
* Fixed auto-reform for ordained mortals.
* Implemented leveltell channel for immortals.

Version 2.58b - 29 Sept 2013
* Fixed how immortal promotions are announced.
* Fixed a bug in log displaying.
* Removed stock SMAUG code that did damage to items, this may have caused some items to eventually break apart after sustaining damage.
* Fixed some more code related to item storage, hopefully we're all set now.
* Tweaked world invasions.

Version 2.58a - Sept 2013
* Completed golem quest code.
* Patched multiple bugs.
* Did a bunch of other stuff I forgot to document.
* Fixed a crash bug.
* Tweaked mob hp for higher level mobs.
* Modified non double/triple xp gains.
* Modified how hitroll is calculated.

Version 2.55c - 19 Aug 2011
* FLIs may no longer get objects from the ground, unless they are in their temple.
* Mortals cannot give objects to FLIs or below.
* FLIs may not cast on NPCs.

Version 2.55b - Circa May 2011
* Implemented new random zone effects, auras and rainbows. Auras will increase the amount of experience earned from killing mobs in a zone for a given period of time, rainbows will increase the amount of gold looted.
* Bug fixes I forgot to write down.
* Some other stuff I forgot to write down, woops....

Version 2.54f - 23 January 2011
* Implemented ADVICE command for newbies, this allows them to toggle advice messages.
* Opened up NPC level range to make for some new interesting mobs.
* Installed first new mob, Clu in Midgaard.
* Modified how mobs get mana.
* Modified how big level 100+ mobs generate.
* Implemented NOHASSLE flag to keep immortals from being hit by anyone.

Version 2.54e - 22 Dec 2010
* Implemented the UNWRAP command, right now this is for Christmas but will serve another purpose later...
* Implemented an item type that can be unwrapped.
* Modified mobmaster target mob paramaters further.
* Modified experience gain spiral somewhat.

Version 2.54d - 10 Dec 2010
* Fixed a bug with the storage system.
* Added some extra fields to objects.
* Laid some foundation for a potential 4th class option.
* Changed how circle works, you don't need to specify a victim in combat anymore. Damage is calculated differently now.
* Blinded mortals can still see immortals.
* Blinded mortals can see glowing objects.
* High level mortals can hide from lower level mortals, regardless of TS or detect hidden.
* Spells Mute (Evil Only) and Cure Mute (Good Only) are introduced for Clerics.
* Supporting code to add alignment restrictions on some skills/spells implemented.
* Supporting code for overhaul to spell system implemented.
* The following spells are now Evil only spells - curse, harm, dispel good
* The following spells are now Good only spells - remove curse, heal, dispel evil
* Implemented Twitter Integration.
* Immortals can send specific tweets to the feed via the TWEET command.
* Certain events will publish to twitter automatically.

Version 2.54c - 2 Nov 2010
* Both random ID and doublexp are set on timers to go off automatically for a designated period of time even if a god+ hasn't decreed either.
* The time command now shows when, and how long these functions will be running.

Version 2.54b - 6 September 2010
* Added a store for FLIs so they can finally spend some of their FLI gold.
* Implemented XP tokens and Quest tokens, ask your FLI for one... if he/she likes you maybe you'll get one!
* Implemented the STORE command, check out HELP BROKER.
* Inventory flagged items now spawn in your inventory as they should when you die.

Version 2.54a - 23 Aug 2010
* Changed how many limited items one may use, it is now 1 per 10 effective levels.
* Added some souped up randoms, happy hunting!
* Added a function the MUD can call up to check the number of limited items being worn by a character and adjust accordingly.
* Realized I had left the limited item pop very high for testing and never lowered it to the normal rate, readjusted.
* Fixed a bug that wasn't letting lights shine in rooms that were flagged dark. (Reported by Suffer)
* Made it so all lights are flagged as glowing (some old lights may not convert over right away) (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed a typo in the butcher skill. (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed a bug that let players scribe & brew spells they didn't know. (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed an exploitable bug with pill values not being set correctly. (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed a typo with the price of a quest item. (Reported by Suffer)
* Scavenger mobs should no longer pick up player corpses.
* Capped the amount of gold one can get from sacrificing an object.
* Modified the AFFECTED commands output.
* Installed a snippet to help god+ with admin stuff (snippet because I'm lazy)
* Immortals may no longer train/practice or use the healer. (Could be used as a work around to have a quicker mana regen)
* Mortals can see immortals now even if they're blind.
* If an ordained has a higher OM level than magic class level, their OM level will replace their magic class level for their casting level.

Version 2.53b & Version 2.53c - 1 Aug 2010
* Rewrote the limited item code.
* Made major modifications to random armor pops.
* Rewrote how random shields are generated.
* Fixed a loophole that allowed people to be Ordained more than once.
* Changed OM default ranks to vary on alignment. Holy Advocate for an evil follower makes no sense.
* Did some other things I forgot to write down that were important.
* Changed how retired FLIs followings are handled.
* Immortals can see retired FLIs following information.
* Fixed a bug with the limited item rewrite.
* Fixed a bug with str and con messing up things.
* Fixed a bug that messed up damroll.
* The MUD now keeps track of how much gold mobs are carrying (see online stats page) - this number will rise as mobs pop and fall as mobs are killed.
* The online stats page now shows how many limited items have popped.
* Beefed up mob HPs.
* Gave mobs more damroll slightly.
* Noticed that some rings and decorations had ridiculous AC - the MUD now no longer allows this to happen.
* More items will become limited even if the area writers didn't set them to be that way, I've noticed several powerful items got past my radar - the MUD now evaluates what should be limited.
* Set the MUD to recognize a max AC on any armor.
* Doubled the amount of puddin's in the Realm. There was too much garbage laying around.
* Added critical hits (this idea by Kole) - which will allow you to deliver the coup de grace to your foe once they're weakened (hint: requires some luck ;))
* Promptly fixed a bug with critical hits that was critically hitting, after they were all ready dead.
* Fixed an issue with exp loss.
* Fixed the newbie not dying code (untested)
* I decided weapons that cast spells are grossly unfair and was tempted to remove them all together, but then decided to leave them and make the chance of hit based on one's charisma.
* Implemented the automated auction system (modified House of Ghouls code - original by Vorax/Darwyn)
* Fixed channel color.
* Players can now "K SELF" in safe rooms.
* The under taker will debit your bank account if you're short on cash (if you've just died, you probably are)
* FLIs can no longer have limited items.
* GSEND gives a message to FLIs when something is sent to them.

Version 2.53a - 21 May - 13 June 2010
* FIREPROOF Containers now can withstand acid and frost.
* Bad recalls have been fixed / implemented. Depending on your luck, you may find yourself not in the guild when you try to recall. Practice caution.
* Immortals can now walk through doors, fly and walk on water.
* Immortals can now teleport mortals even if they're in norecall rooms.
* You can now examine objects to see the originator of the item if there was one. (Drop an object, grab it and then examine it - also works when you give something)
* Enchant Armor now raises armor class also.
* God+ may use enchant spells.
* Immortals may now cast on anyone without being in the same room, simply by casting as if they were.
* Killing your summons (familiars/badgers etc) no longer will yield experience.
* If you have a charmed mob or summon that lands a death blow on a mob, you will still earn xp now.
* Reverted grant sight code to old version to fix things.
* Made the attacker flag less ugly in person.
* Enchant Armor no longer works on worn with pride slotted items.
* Lowered and capped how much enchant armor increases AC.
* Made flamestrike a worth while spell for clerics.
* Object cost is now determined by the MUD code 99% of the time. This means no more excessive priced items from area builders.
* Increased the chance of limited item pop slightly.
* Limited item pops are now logged.
* Modified fireball spell.
* Modified quantum spike spell.
* Modified how AQUEST generates targets.
* Installed several new areas - Bee Hive, Plane Of The Celestial, Elemental Canyon, The Ant Colony.
* Fixed several typos (more out there still).
* Fixed some mobs that had missing flags.

Version 2.52e - 4 May 2010
* FRECALL no longer works as a stand alone command - you must have golden tokens regardless of whether you are OM or not.
* Immortals may no longer buy or sell things.
* FLIs no longer can have gold, it will instantly purge.
* Modified mana regeneration speed for lower level immortals and upper level immortals.
* Your home town will be displayed in your score if you've used the RELOCATE command.
* New info message for newbie flagged characters.
* The undertaker is free for those under effective 15, newbie flagged players and non-pk players.
* You can now KILL SELF with ease.
* You no longer take any penalties for killing self, no idea why I never noticed this before...

Version 2.52d - 23 Feb 2010
* Home town code is complete (with exception of character creation bit)
* Players can now RELOCATE at Swish.
* Sloppy mobprog guild portal removed and replaced with real code. Will now be a much smoother transition to your racial town.
* CSTORE has been removed and replaced with GSEND, which takes items from your inventory and sends them to your FLI.
* FLIs can only carry 2000 lbs and 65 items now. They will have to manage items for their following. Storage Rooms are going POOF soon.
---- Justification on changes: Essentially what I've seen recently is super stocked storage rooms that basically contain all the best items in the game and that everyone has easy access to. To me, this seems kind of cheap and I see far too many of the same item floating around. Storage rooms will become private offices for FLIs where they can talk privately to their followers. Items will leave the player's inventory and go directly to their FLIs via the GSEND command (this will only work when your FLI is online) - the item restrictions on FLIs is to force them to decide what they need for their following and mortals will either hold on to the rest or get rid of them. Keeps equipment cycling, keeps the game challenging, and makes FLIs a little more useful.
* Mobs are flagged STAYAREA by default with some exceptions.
* Players under effective 15 can use the undertaker for free.
* Home town portal for Midgaard fixed
* Major crash bug fixed.
* Corpse bug fixed.
* Chuck Norris appears from time to time in the Realm.

Verion 2.52c - 16 Feb 2010
* Low level mobs now drop -far- less gold.
* Racial languages *should* be working... Still need to confirm.
* Laid foundation to for new spell (air blast), rest will be coming in soon.
* FRECALL skill now only works for Ordained Mortals (also will not work if cursed)
* Various help files added.
* Laid foundation to home towns.
* Changed how much gold can pop on mobs. (Less than before)
* Fixed frecall tokens in the Guild Hall.
* "I" Now give more than 1 gold coin for some sacrifices, its random and based off of object cost.
* Thieves no longer will steal in safe, they look anxious but do nothing. (Tested by Droroet and Azgad)
* Automatic reboots removed.
* FLIs can only cast on their followers.
* Immortals who cast on higher level immortals get their magic reflected back at them.

Version 2.52b - 22 Jan 2010
* NOCORPSE flag added for mobs (taken and modified from House of Ghouls code)
* Fixed crash bug with act_flags... lets say its one of my less pretty fixes, but it works.
* Fixed a bug with offensive spells.
* Modified how one gets an ATTACKER flag.
* Modified how damage is calculated for quatum spike, it now is level, wis, int and max mana based.
* Modified how damage is calculated for black lightning, it is now level, int and wis based.
* Fireball is now a room spell.
* Colorspray is now a room spell.
* Working on GOLEM WARS code.
* Modified how the rankings display (scorexp,scoremobm,scoreinv,scoregold,scoremk,scorepk)
* Fixed the HP gain system for levelling up.
* Fixed a crash bug.
* God+ may now steal from sentinel mobs.

Version 2.52a - 21 Jan 2010
* Added rankings to the MUD (Code by Ben Stolter (Darwin of House of Ghouls))

Version 2.51d - 1 Jan 2010
* Fixed a bug with two handed weapons.
* Raised exp cap - 300 regular, 600 doublexp.
* E-Mail addresses are obtained upon creation.
* The EMAIL command has been implemented.
* Immortals no longer show their language when they OOC/Gossip.

Version 2.51c - 13 Dec 2009
* Password encryption has been fixed.
* Major overhaul of max training of stats and how much over max train you can go now. Since I know a lot of people will complain if I don't reveal everything here you go --- (Max you can train is 18 + your race modifier, max it will go with eq is 25 + your race modifier) - level gains, regeneration and other things depend on this greatly. This has the potential to enhance things quite a bit.
* Modified mana gains, luck now plays a factor in them and they are less random than before.
* Certain items are now flagged as LIMITED, meaning they may not always be there!
* Fixed a glitch on casting offensive spells on players out of range before it was discovered. (go me)
* Fixed a bug in cast that wasn't letting pcs cast offensive spells on pcs in range.
* Mortals may not cast on immortals now, their spells will fizzle.

Version 2.51b - 24 Nov 2009
* Modified how following power is calculated, follower activity is now a big factor.
* Players can no longer dual wield magic weapons.
* Players can no longer hold an item and a shield.
* Fixed a few bugs.
* Quests now are generated by effective level, not class level.
* Several changes to PvP combat:
----You no longer see exp earned from PK.
---- You no longer see "You shouldn't do this to another player." when casting harmful spells
---- Double XP won't show when killing an PC.
* Random weapons installed.
* Players can no longer portal to quest mobs (their own quest mobs).
* FLI mana regen fixed.
* Item quests re-implemented and fixed, players can not pick up quest items they are not assigned to get.
* Giant Puddings spawn randomly across the world to keep things tidy.
* Players can no longer train a stat to true maximum. To max something fully it will require some equipment...
* The MUD now keeps track of invaders, also will be displayed on stats page.
* The MUD will keep track of invaders and puddings, even during hotboot now.

Version 2.51a - 3 Nov 2009
* Modified the SLIST command signifcantly.
* Modified the FINFO output.
* Modified time outputs in WHOIS further.
* Fixed a bug in the INDUCT command for FLIs.
* Non-caster off class levels no longer get mana.
* Fixed 2 crash bugs, one in the REJECT command - the other in the REFORM command.
* Immortals now see equipment effects when they look at someone. This is mainly for the benefit of FLIs.
* Fixed a crash bug in SETCLASS and reimplemented the Giant race.

Version 2.50c - 28 Oct 2009
* The CONSIDER command will show stats for those at effective level 25 and up as long as their target is of equal or lesser level.
* PKSTAT now shows % of kills to attacks.

Version 2.50b - 16 October 2009
* The QUIT command will allow players to quit anywhere unless they were recently engaged in PVP combat.
* Changed HP regen a bit.
* Players will no longer get hungry.
* Fixed a bug that was not allowing Paladins to cast spells.
* Fixed a bug with triple class casting.
* Fixed a bug so that if you do not know a spell you won't even try to cast it. Before it would cost mana and fail.
* Immortals now see area file names of the room they're in when they LOOK.
* Fixed a shop crash bug, players can only buy 1 item at a time now from shop keepers.
* Modified QUIT command to allow multiclass characters to quit at level 1 (as well as tiered).
* The SAVE command and WHOIS command now show how long a player has been connected for.
* The SCORE command hours now update as you're logged in as opposed to when you log out.
* Modified time format in WHOIS and SAVE.
* The ROSTER command now displays active class and effective level.
* The TITLE command can now be used by those who are above effective level 5.

Version 2.50a - 1 October 2009
* Fixed a shop bug that allowed players to sell items, kill the shop owner and get it back.
* Two handed weapon flag implemented, this entails a few things.
--- You may not hold an item, or use a shield if you plan to use a 2-handed weapon.
--- You cannot dual wield with a 2-hander.
--- Your chance to hit will go down slightly for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th attacks.
--- You will have a slight damage bonus for using a 2handed weapon.
* Modified da (damage absorption) cap.
* Weapons weighing more than 20 kg will now be set with a two-handed flag.
* Two handed weapons now have an increased range (varies ranodmly with item popping).
* Ethereal funnel spell may now be used in combat.
* Experience level has been capped at 45 as new zones have slowly been installed for upper levels to xp in.
* NEWBIEs and players with effective levels less than 10 sustain less damage in combat.
* Mobs now have an chance to do minor damage instead of miss in combat.

Version 2.49d - 25 September 2009
* Grey and White Wizards now cast at level 50.
* Fixed triple class off/prime class bugs.
* Tweaked exp a little and how its displayed when it is earned.
* Further adjustment to grey and white wizards allowing them an extra level bonus for casting 55 grey, 60 white.
* Adjusted minimum damage for magic missile.
* Adjusted xp loss for recalling out of combat.
* Total EXP a character has earned is now displayed in WHOIS.
* Who command shows effective level differently now.
* SCORE and WHOIS now format total EXP so its easier to read.

Version 2.49b - 22 August 2009
* Ordained Mortals now have a spell casting level bonus.
* Decayed corpses now spill their contents on to the ground.
* Inventory items do not respawn on mobs when they die now.
* All time quest points now saved/displayed.
* Random chance of train for completing quest.
* There is now a bonus for completing AQUESTS quickly.
* The quest master sometimes will reward good looking people.
* Raised maximum mobmasters to 150.
* Inventory flagged items pop in the room with you after you die, as opposed to your inventory - there were bugs involved.
* Damage absorption is capped at 60 - you can wear more, but it won't serve any purpose.
* Charisma now affects how you look.

Version 2.49a - 7 August 2009
* Triple Classings is now implemented. (As of now, effective level cap remains at 50) 
--- Supporting code: Commands, MULTICLASS, RETURNCLASS, ORDAIN, PRACTICE (May now ordain multiclass character)
--- Combat based on effective levels.
--- Made several improvements overall for multiclassing.
* Fixed a crash bug in the HELP command.
* Fixed a crash bug in the anti-itemswap code.
* Fixed a crash bug in memory cleanup.
* CONFIG +BRIEF now removes the compass (this seemed logical)
* Entrances messages upon login are now suppressed if you log in invis or hidden.
* The GOLD command now tells you how much gold you are carrying + your balance.
* Fixed a minor annoyance with the EQUIPMENT command's code.
* Fixed a bug with EQUIPMENT and wear flags not showing.

Version 2.48a - 4 August 2009
* Experience is now earned off of effective level rather than current class level.
* Effective level maxs at 40 for exp, this is to compensate for the fact that as of now - there are not many zones to exp beyond level 40 in.
* The exp spiral for killing the same mob over and over has been reduced.
* More ground work has been laid out for triple classing.
* Exp has been raised overall (some people will notice slight increase in exp earned)
* PK range for people in enemy followings is +/- 15 levels as opposed to typical 10 levels in past version.
* Fixed an oversight in casting that allowed players to cast at a level higher than their casting class if they returned to a different class.
* Fixed an oversight that prevented people from using skills if not the specific class prime (regardless of if they knew it or not)
* Fixed a glitch with objects not being cleaned from the queue, which over time created lag. (This should make the MUD -MUCH- faster)
* Modified Immortals Effective level to coincide with new mortal effective level coming with triple classing (eff 100 for 50/50/50).

Version 2.47c - 29 July 2009
* "Resign" option now added for the mobmaster command.
* Next mobmaster ticks for failing and ticks for starting mobmaster quests have been altered.
* No exp loss for dying while on a mobmaster quest anymore.
* Typing MOBMASTER (mobm) while on a mobmaster quest now will display the same thing as MOBMASTER CHECK.
* Modified the amount of time one has to complete an AQUEST based off of effective level.
* NEWBIES will no longer get hungry or thirsty.
* Players will have much longer before they get hungry.
* Time has sped up, literally - ticks are now shorter. This may change if people don't like it.
* Magic flags now appear properly on potions.
* Fixed an annoyance with setting names of Health Amulets after they've been identified.
* Modified multiclassing, players may now only have one casting class or one fighting class --- essentially, the days of the Ranger/Warrior or Mage/Cleric are gone.
* Began laying out the foundation for triple classing...
* Completely revamped Ordained Mortal system. Now works as a MULTICLASS as opposed to a TIER.

Version 2.47b - 22 July 2009
* Per suggestion of Argot - the KEEPER command has been implemented. HELP KEEPER.
* Added (ITEMSWAP) flag for objects that were dropped by the same person from a different character so as not to set off itemswap/cheater code accidentally.
* When you kill an INVADER mob, it now is recorded - you can see this information in the WHOIS command.
* Modified damage messages further. HELP DAMAGE.
* Changed the amount of experience lost from mob dying.
* When you are killed it now shows you how much exp you lost.
* Players no longer respawn in the recall room after death - they respawn in the clouds.
* INVENTORY flagged items now respawn with you when you die.
* You can now DROP all with KEEPER flagged items, everything but flagged items will drop.
* LIST now displays the affects of an item.
* When a NEWBIE flagged player dies their corpse now pops in the death room with them.
* CONFIG +ITEMMARK - now shows you a line for equipment stats when you type EQUIPMENT.
* More advices added for NEWBIES.
* Immortals can not kill INVADER mobs anymore.
* Immortals may now fight in safe rooms.
* A glitch in the backstab command has been fixed.
* Fixed a crash but, however this will need to be revisted.
* Players -should- not be able to cast hostile spells on other players out of their range (needs testing)
* Random chance of recovering from being mortally wounded based on luck.
* Mages/Wizards and OMs may use scrolls 100% of the time, all other classes have a chance to fail based on their int/wis/lck.

Version 2.47a - 21 July 2009
* Invasion quests implemented -
---- How it works: A god+ will select an NPC of their chosing and an area, and then invade the area with that NPC up to 300 
times. The NPCs will randomly be assigned values, some are worth extra experience points, some are worth quest points, some 
carry extra gold and some will have a 100% chance of holding a random item.
* The PROMO command has been implemented -
--- How it works: Every week, the Implementor will release a new promo code for registered members of the forums which they 
will be able to use in conjunction with the PROMO command to earn something cool.
* Fixed a glitch in the Ally/Enemies function.

Version 2.46a - 19 July 2009
* All mobs stats are level based and random modifier based (including damroll and hitroll)
* HARDENED flag for NPCs implemented, gives them natural damage absorption.
* Mobs will not get randoms anymore when they are reset from hotboot.
* Mobs have a random chance of being HARDENED.
* TOUGH flag for NPCs implemented, will allow mobs to exceed NPC damroll cap.
* Raised NPC base experience points slightly.
* Implemented a random "Mr Nice Guy" bonus (10% chance), which adds a randomly generated amount of exp (0-150) to your gain 
when double xp is off.
* Mobs now wear randoms as they pop.
* Mage mobs now "drop" more gold.
* The wandering bankers now will teleport randomly after a designated amount of time.
* Made a nice improvement to score for avatars.
* Added an extra field to MSET to help with a bug.
* Modified the way effective level is calculated and the way it is handled in regards to the PK system.
* RANGE command implemented to show PK range.
* The SACRIFICE command now has an ALL option.
* Fixed crash bug.
* Fixed bug that prevented NPCs from getting all in a donation room (the only one that would do this is Symon)
* Sacrificing high value items is rewarded with quest points.

Version 2.45b - 13 July 2009
* 'QUIT' option has been added to AQUEST.
* Logging out with an AQUEST in progress now fails you.
* Modified exp gains for groups.
* Fixed glitch that prevented multiclass players from casting while they were actively a fighting class.
* Fixed glitch on TS/and health amulets... they should only have the affects they're supposed to have now.
* NEWBIE flagged players will have objects identfied for them via EXAMINE command until level 10.

Version 2.45a - 4 July 2009
* Itemswapping has been made virtually impossible (HELP ITEMSWAP) - those who dare to test this will feel the 
* Fixed a crash bug in OSTAT.
* Players can now JUNK nodrop items if they have 5,000 gold coins.
* After much blood and sweat (Help from Belerik and assorted code snippets for samples) - the WHO is online page now works!
* Fixed a bug.
* Word of temple recall spell works. Will recall you to your god's temple.
* Players can buy the golden token (for approx 500 gold) in the GH which has temple recall.
* NEWBIE flagged players will see random ADVICE messages.
* Fixed a glitch in the JUNK command that was purging the first item in a player's inventory with the name of the object 
they wanted to JUNK.

Version 2.44c - 23 June 2009
* Damage absorption affect added - will reduce damage taken. Can be found on randoms.
* Health amulets implemented - will increase HP regen. Random item.
* Following store rooms now cannot be entered by anyone except those in the following... those who try will have an 
unpleasant reaction.
* Fixed rogue tier bug.
* Made minor change to exam command so you can be sure of which item you are looking at.
* Made change to fireproof items.
* Added new item affect, experience bonus - increases the amount of experience a mob is worth. Each point = 1% bonus. 
Therefore if a player is wearing 25 xpbonus in various slots the exp he or she earns will be increased by 25% - this can 
extend beyond the exp cap! (xpb is capped at 50)
* When the RANDOMID feature is turned on, all a player has to do is examine an object and it will be identified.
* JUNK command implemented.
* New Racial Bonuses have been added.
* DELETE command is implemented and working.
* Training HP or Mana now only will add 5 points instead of 10.
* Chance of getting a training session code has been modified. (Slightly more likely now if you have high luck)
* Newbie flag has been created for people who are truly new to RoS - this can be toggled when creating a new character and 
will go away when a player reaches level 10.
* GODGIFT item flag implemented, when an FLI gives an item to a follower this flag is set which will prevent the player 
from dropping / junking or giving the item - they may only CSTORE it or use it.
* Random containers are now popping with a chance of being FIREPROOF.

Version 2.44b - 20 June 2009
* Rogue is now a tier to thief.
* Selectable classes have been modified.

Version 2.44a - 19 June 2009
What it is: This is a way of determining exactly how powerful a following is by taking into consideration several variables 
- number of followers, following balance, god's level (Lesser Gods will get a bonus), number of PKs, number of mob deaths 
(loses points), number of PK deaths (loses points). number of mobmasters completed by followers.

What it does: The higher the power level, aside from having a more impressive looking following on FINFO, it will serve a 
few purposes. The number of ordained mortals an FLI can select will increase as their power level increases. Mana 
regeneration will either increase or decrease.

* FINFO now works off of FLI's name vs Following Name as in the past.
* Removed glitch that added 10 hps when training HP instead of 5.
* Fixed up FSHOW command for immortals and also the PLEVEL log that works in conjunction with command. (Will be used in 
future code)
* Added APOST flag for those who APOSTATIZE - this will enable them to have regular level gains as opposed to tier or off 
class gains when they relevel up their lost 5 levels.
* Modified WHOIS command.
* Modified online stats file.
* Fixed train bug.

Version 2.43c - 18 June 2009
* Modified a few spells so that casters may use them in combat.
* Implemented new spell for future class. (will be announced when class is)
* FIREPROOF containers fixed.
* ROSTER command added.
* Magma Fields area installed.
* Mount Vukral area installed.
* Volcano area relocated.
* Exit added to Soldier of Death's room.
* Twisted Sense of Justice now acts as key (still remains weapon) to portal in SoD's room.
* No Recall flag lifted from room north of gate in Evil Circus.
* Bandit Caverns area installed.

Version 2.43b - 14 June 2009
* Fixed a bug with imp ID lines that was showing random bitvector.
* Patched get command so immortals may GET ALL in a "donation" room.
* Patched kill command so immortals can attack each other. (we get bored too)
* Immortals may enter temples.
* Installed Belerik's new following.
* Installed Kindoma's new following.
* Fireproof flag fully implemented, new quest prize available ;-) (Per request of Argot)
* Fixed a bug that duped items when immortal used CSTORE command on no-drop item.

Version 2.43a - 10 June 2009
* HOTBOOT command implemented, which will allow the game to be restarted on the fly without having to reconnect.
* Changes in random armor material have been implemented. Notably no more bronze, since it was popping as non-metal anyway.
* Code fix in the Ally/Enemy code and the flags that go with it.
* REFORM command added. This is for gods to manually reform players when their FLIs retire and the following is gone.

Version 2.42a - 7 June 2009
* Fixed an oversight that prevented multiclassed or tiered characters from doing a mobmaster quest if they were below lvl 
* Added an extra warning the APOSTATIZE command for those rejecting their faith in their gods.
* Fixed a bug in recall.
* Mortals will start feeling hungry & thirtsy again, with the exception of those at level 50. Lets see how this goes...
* The infamous crash bug has FINALLY been fixed.
* Fixed the bug with people not being able to wear metal equipment.
* EXP gains have been raised as well to help assuage the time it takes to level.

* XP cap will be raised to 200, doubl XP cap will be 400. - this is to correspond to new EXPTNL.
* EXPTNL has moved to a progressive system, where each level takes more exp than the previous one. It is a gradual 
increase, the modifier is 275.

*** Old players will be grandfathered into this system the first time they save - when you log in type save right away (a 
flag will bet set on you that will never be removed so you won't get this advancement again, new players start with the 
flag so they never get it) ~ This way you don't have an outlandish amount of exp tnl. For players less than level 50, I'm 
giving you a freebie, you'll level up once when you type save. For level 50, I am just fixing your exp so it doesn't look 
retarded in your prompt/score. Hope everyone is happy with this. It took several hours to complete!

*** Players whom are multiclassed will notice this fix will only fix their primary class, however - fear not, from your 
primary class (the one without the outlandish EXP TNL) use the command NEEDFIX -- that should take care of it.

---Still to coming in this version.

* DELETE command will be fully functional to delete your own character.
* Fire Proof flag will be implemented for containers.

Version 2.42b - 1 Jun 2009
* Fixed several bugs in compiling the code.
* Added an "Enter" after the prompt, strictly for neater formatting.
* Fixed 2 typos.
* Updated URL in HELP WEB.
* Removed some junk stock SMAUG code.
* Players can train HP and Mana now (1 train = 5 pts)

Version 2.42a
* Fixed bugs which allowed multiclassed characters to wear metal/shields one class allows it --- not anymore.
* Made obvious updates/improvements to quest items.
* Immortals can no longer AQUEST.

Version 2.39c (August 12, 2004)
* Made adjustments to multiclassing. 
* Installed Rivendell area.
* Fixed some random bugs, tweaked code.

Version 2.39a (August 9, 2004)
* Modified random generation slightly. 
* Added new fields to the whois command 
Version 2.38b (August 1, 2004)
* Fixed a few item bugs. 
* Fixed the language bug.
* Started coding the Angel class.
* Actually remembered to update this.
Version 2.35b (February 14, 2004)
* Fixed a bug with immortal steal command.
* Fixed bug with "mobmaster check".
* Fixed XP loss with quitting with a mobmaster quest.
* Fixed XP loss for failing an mobmaster quest when ticks run out.
* Fixed bug with PKSTAT not showing some PKs.

Version 2.35a (February 1, 2004)
* Nayanthis is promoted to Demigod, his temple is installed as is his following called "the Elders"
* The FDEPOSIT code is written (help fdeposit) as the early phases of the following wealth code.
* A few small changes made to the finfo command. 

Version 2.34e (January 29, 2004) 
* Maemond Island Installed. (Syriac)
* Bug in get all from PC corpses fixed.
* Object aquests temporarily removed.
* Potential code loop fixed.
* Minor changes to online stats page.

Version 2.34c 2.34d (January 4, 2004)
* Dwarves may now be paladins.
* The MUD School has been removed.
* Improvements to Aarock University made, all objects that come from 
University have ID marks on them so you can examine  to see what items do.

Version 2.34b (January 4, 2004)
* Multiclass level gains fixed.
* Combat should be much quicker now, this can be good or bad... we'll see how it goes.
* Hunger/thirst mods removed due to popular request. 

Version 2.34a (December 29, 2003)
* Bug fixes with mobmaster code, still not perfected.
* Few old areas removed. Looking for new zones.
* BUGLIST command implemented.

Version 2.32c (July 17, 2003)
* Galador (Sirus), elven home town is installed (replacement for Minoan)
* Andariel Field (Sirus) is installed. 

Version 2.32b (July 11, 2003)
* Str and Dex need to be worn even after MAXing them to get the full affect.
* Several help filed added and updated.
* MOTDs updated and edited.
* Stat roller changed.

Version 2.32a (July 01, 2003)
* New materials for randoms implemented.
* Randoms with no affects no longer flagged magic.
* Randoms sell value is determined by their affects now.
* Minor Aarock University edits.
* Mstat for immortals now shows quest information.
* Mset for God+'s now accomodates quests.
* The quest generator has been slightly modified.

Version 2.31d (June 27, 2003)
* Typo in Ryken fixed.
* Sentinel mobs no longer get randoms.
* Changes made to the retire command implemented.
* Minor changes made in random creation implemented.
* Train gain system modified.
* Midgaard edits.
* Elemental Canyon edits.
* Invoke Water spell bug fixed.
* Gold nullified on mobs a bit more.
* Some Grant Sight code edited for Imps.
* Several small area edits made.
* Fixed Improved Identify scrolls for guildhall salesman.
* Code loop in magic flags fixed.
* PK range calculation modified.
Version 2.31a / 2.31b (June 6, 2003)
*New system for flagging items based upon affects is completed.
*The randoms system is completely rewritten.
*A fatal mem-leak is fixed.
*A bug in the advance level module is fixed.
*Ryken is re-written and installed again.

Version 2.30
*Lord knows how many little bugs were fixed in this version!
*Multiclassing is implemented.
*A bug fixed in the score which improperly displayed multiclasses fixed.
*The PK range has been altered to accomodate multiclassing.

Version 2.29
*Questing is installed and properly working.AQUEST
*Compass is realigned and modified.
*A bug which crashed the MUD involving mstat and the questing flag corrected.
*Quest fields added into the score command.
Version 2.28
*Compass code created
*Who command edited
*Score command edited
*Quest channel implemented

Version 2.27
*Temple entry code installed.
*Prototype version of magic flags installed.
*Move lag removed.
*Str bug fixed.

Version 2.26
*Tiered classes now may save at level 1.
*DEORDAIN command written.
*Bugs in the ORDAIN code fixed.
*Dispel good fixed.
*Luck plays more of a roll in train gains now.

Version 2.25
*The ZONE command now shows area name rather than filename
*HOLYLIGHT now shows magic flags.
*True Sight now Shows magic flags.
*The battle prompt is made 2 lines.
*Changes to the default prompt installed.
*Fix with the pet system implemented.
*Immortal entrance/exit infos no longer shown.
*Fighting Styles eliminated.
*Help files for Ordained Mortals, the FLI command Ordain, 
 Barbarians and Tier are all implemented.
*Logon screen now shows the number of players online and the player
 high for that run of the MUD.

Version 2.24
*Chaotic  Evil/Neutral Aura Changed
*Color Added to Wizlist
*Color Added to Areas
*Andiel Swamp installed by Sirus
*Hunger/Thirst revisions made
*Corpse Looting modifications made

Version 2.22, 2.23 and part of 2.24 are on the old site, which will be up again shortly
Version 2.21
*Items flagged NODROP have been fixed.
*Several small bugs fixed.
*XP Bonus for success with a skill/spell lowered.
*SILENCE has been changed so it takes away all channels.
*The worship string added into the SCORE command for those who belong to an FLI.
*OUTCAST for FLIs changed a bit.
Version 2.18-2.20
*Who command now shows race.
*Code completed for online MUD statistics page completed.
*Level no longer matters for groups.
*The annoying Gravoc messages deleted.
*Practice modified.
*XP system revised.
*Score command revised.
*PK Stat revised.
*Random gold on mobs.
*New log on screen.
*Level gains modified slightly.
*XP determined by mob level.
*Hard code for random objects completed.
*Butcher skill perfected.
*Area Fix: Aarock University.
*Area Fix: Adventurer's Guild.
*Clans converted to God Follower System
*FINFO command implemented.
*PKSTAT modified more.
Version 2.17
*New area installed. "Ocean" by Sirus
*New area installed. "Estate" by Mordith
*Color scheme changed.
Version 2.16
*New area installed. "Atlantis" by Sirus.
*Area command modified.
*Fear spell implemented.
*Butcher modified more.
*Bonus command added for IMPs.
*New area installed. "Vortex" by Sirus.
*Channel messages modified slightly.
*New area installed. "Feiwyr Camp" by Sirus.
*New area installed. "Golem Keep" by Sirus.
*Fixed a bug with Ancient Scrolls in Crete.
*Lowered the level of Slay (For Immortals).
*Two new area rewrites. Elite Academy becomes Aarock University, Newbie Center becomes Camp Nyrunian. (Sirus)
Version 2.15
*The PKSTAT command created (HELP PKSTAT)
*Fixed Butcher skill.
*Fixed class selection upon creation.
*MURDER command changed to fit PKSTAT.
Version 2.14
*Dispel good added.
*All new bounty system!!!
Commands added for the new system are as followed...
--- *Bounty will let a player check another person's bounty.
--- *Bribe will allow a player to raise his or her bounty, the amount bribed is divided by 2 and added to the player's bounty.
---*PAYBOUNTY will take the amount of gold for the bounty and send a bounty hunter after the victim.
A player's bounty is lowered by the times the have stolen items, PKed and they can lose a designated amount if they try to steal gold, and
another amount if they succeed in stealing the gold.
*Channels now say what language the person is speaking (ex. IceMan gossips (in common), 'hello'.)
*New area installed. "The Labyrinth" by Belerik.
*New area installed. "Killian" the troll home town by Sirus.
*The BUTCHER skill created. It makes steaks from corpses.
*Skills and spells changed around in classes.
*NEW AVATAR THINGS! AVTALK channel for Avatars.
A new Avatar Guild under the guild hall complete with a board, healer, and arena!
*New area installed. "Mysterria Valley" by Sirus.
Version 2.13
*Identify spell now marks the ID'd item. Examine it to see.
*Immortal summon fixed.
*Room exit info added for immortals.
*Mortals are no longer restricted from entering zones designed for lower levels.
*Lag removed from immortal steal.
*Exp loss from fleeing reduced.
*Disarm now fails if opponent's main weapon is NoDrop.
*Mob's hit points are now determined by its level.
*Added weapon types to identify output.
*Increased 'enchant armor' affects.
*A 'noid' flag added to prevent items from being identified.
*Refresh now fully refills movement points.
*No exp given for Player Killing.
*Moves are no longer used during combat.
*New area installed. "Hell" by Mordith.
Version 2.11-2.12
*Equipment restrictions for certain classes.
*The CSTORE command installed which will allow people in clans to send EQ from their
inventory into their clan storage room without having to go to it,
it transfers the object.
*Ticks shortened.
*Affects on some items reduced (Like +4s, they weren't removed when train was installed)
*New train system which runs on training sessions.
*New note system which doesn't require paper or quills.
*Demigods may do complete restrings now (not affects).
*Demigods can no longer do OINVOKES because some IMMs were taking advantage of it.
*XP gain for all races dropped another 5%-10%.
*Clan leaders can make their objects and they will be level 1 so there will be no need to
restring it.
Version 2.09-2.10
*Detect magic spell fixed.
*Enchant armor and enchant weapon also add a magic flag to enchanted items.
*Enchant has been made more effective so level 50s can do 4/4s and IMMS can do 5/5s.
*Worn with prides fixed.
*XP gain for races all lowered by 10% due to ease of leveling.
Version 2.08
*Players can choose an alignment upon creation.
*Players can roll luck and their practice sessions.
*Immortals can see how many times a mortal has been outcast from a clan now by using
*An echo for when a mortal gains a level ex, ###Ganon has advanced to level 3 Druid!
*Mortals won't have a limit to the amount of fluids they drink, this allows them to recall
or quaff any potion any time.
Version 2.07
*The save command has color.
*The who list has color.
**Worn with prides implemented. [Decorations] (wear location)
**Donate command added, items can be donated and they will be sent to the donation room
*1 west of the guild hall.
*A few area bugs fixed.
*Room VNUM and area name displayed for immortals.


Realm of Shadows was built on SMAUG 1.4a and has been _heavily_ modified.

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