Realm of Shadows: Online Statistics.

Realm of Shadows Version 2.75d is running. It was last compiled on Nov 29 2021.
The MUD began this run on Mon Nov 29 10:54:09 2021
The most players on for this run so far is 5.
The current player high is 335, which was set on Tue Jun 30 17:30:20 2020.
There are 7365 mobiles and 9433 objects in 7523 rooms.
Triple Exp is enabled.
Automatic random object identification is enabled.
There have been 36 limited item pops this run.
There have been 22 pulsating item pops this run.
This file last updated at Tue Nov 30 18:00:18 2021 MST.

Realm of Shadows was built on SMAUG 1.4a and has been _heavily_ modified.

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