The Scions of Iniquity

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The Scions of Iniquity
Deity Fullycloven
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Ordained Rayne
Temple Temple of the Scions


Born of Evil many eons ago, FullyCloven strove for years to break free of her tendencies. Thinking she had found a calling in worshiping Belerik and his three principles of honor, loyalty, and truth, she quickly rose through the ranks to serve as his Attendant. And then with salvation so close, the temptation of power proved more than she could resist. She made a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Belerik for the rule of Coterie. The shame of her failure caused her to break in a fit of rage, renouncing all that is good and revealing her true identity as the daughter of Dezmond. She finally understood her father's vision for order through obedience. And she gets obedience by any means necessary. FullyCloven and her followers now spend every waking hour exacting vengeance on Coterie and all dwellers of the realm.


[  2] FullyCloven: Rules of the Scions 
Thu Dec  3 21:51:02 2009 
To: All
Rules of the Scions
1. Tributes must be made.
  Tributes include cstoring items, offering mana gear,
  recruiting new followers, and Player Kills.
  If you have other ideas, let me know.
 I expect tributes regularly.  The better the tribute
 the less frequent they are expected.
 Cstoring stuff is great, but might only buy you
 a day of me not nagging you.  A PK of Coterie
 will get you a long time of no nags.
2. We are evil and Coterie is our enemy.
  I won't enforce this strongly until we are a 
  much stronger clan, but keep it in mind.
3.  RolePlaying is encouraged, and if I'm in the mood
   it will be rewarded.
4.  I'll change the rules whenever I want.

[  3] FullyCloven: Clan PK Rules 
Wed Dec 23 15:51:22 2009 
To: All
ANY Effective Level 50 opponent is fair game.
  No provocation or justification is necessary.
Opponents under Effective Level 30, should be within 5 levels,
 unless you are provoked or attacked.
Opponents between Effective Level 31 and 49, should be within 10 levels
 again, unless you are provoked or attacked.