The Crimson Sun

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The Crimson Sun
Deity Troy
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Ordained Mekt
Temple The Surface of the Crimson Sun


As the crimson sun casts a shade of blood across the sky at the end of the day, so shall we cast the blood of our enemies upon the land. We know not of fear, exhaustion or mercy. Those who ally themselves with our blade shall live, and those against it will feel our mighty wrath. We see those with Blue Auras as self-righteous charlatans. We strive towards perfection in all aspects of our lives. Believing that through perfection (physical and mental) lies the root of true power. We are driven by a thirst for power. We do not fear death. Cowards will not be granted entry into the Order. Our order is a mysterious one. Those who desire our knowledge and power will discover it by joining with us Seek out Troy or a member for more information.

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