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Type Vortex
Author Troy
Range 10-20


[ 54] Troy: Vortex Directions

Thu Apr 30 01:49:56 2020
To: All
Greetings Realm of Shadows! I got lost in the vortex and blasted
my own way out! Muahaha! I have left it ... should I say, expanded?

Anyways, it will never be the same again! My explosions made a few
extra doorways in there too.... So be careful! I put a map below for
all my lazy friends.

Clu - MG - u s
Aaracity - u d w w
Warriors Thoughts u d d e e
The God Tree u d s
Nydei u d n w w
Gia u d d e n n n
Ryken u d d e n e
Gruken u u n n w w
Killian u u n n n
Southern Road Sailor u u s
Demon Realm u u u w w
Crimson Sun Trials u u u e e
Drows u u u e n n n
Crete u u u w n n n
Nirilis u u u s