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|race            = [[Elf]]
|race            = [[Elf]]
|followed      =
|followed      =
|areas          =  
|areas          = Several...
|promotions  =  Implementor (Founder) September 2001
|promotions  =  Implementor (Founder) September 2001
|following      = [[Illusions]]
|following      = [[Illusions]]

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Created June 2001
Status Active
Race Elf
Areas Written Several...
Promotions Implementor (Founder) September 2001
Following Illusions
Special Duties Lead programmer, Web master, Area coordinator


An excessively handsome elf stands before you adorned in white linen robes with gold trim. His eyes glow blue, the shade of the sky as they fixate on yours. His long white hair extends just beyond his shoulders and flows freely. Clutched in his right hand is a menacing looking Katana and in his left a shield made of flames! He truly must be very powerful to wield elements in such a way. His face is young, yet somehow emanates centuries of knowledge and wisdom. His smile makes you feel calm and safe.


Syriac will grant experience if venerated. Syriac is Chaotic Good.


Syriac began Realm of Shadows with Dezmond when they were 15 years old.

Syriac and Dezmond have been life long friends since the second grade, along with Draven.