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Advice from Kelek[edit]

  • Before you create a character make sure your stats are good. Bad stats = Bad character
  • If you see someone online nicely ask for help with eq and places to xp etc
  • Get your gear set the best you can before you get to level 3, get to level 2 asap so you can save.
  • Be courteous to everyone, and people will generally be the same to you.

Advice from Syriac[edit]

  • Examine everything! Random objects can spawn anywhere, and you never know what you may find!
  • Be sure to turn on CONFIG +ITEMMARK when you create a new character.
  • Followings are a great way to get know people, as well as get help with equipment and more; however for the lone wolves you may want to venerate a higher level immortal.
  • If you die and you have a newbie flag, don't fret you will respawn with your equipment on. If you die and you are not a newbie, the undertaker 2n, 1e from the recall room can help you. Use Corpse retrieve.
  • Be a good guy, do not donate junk items, junk them.
  • If you see a mess in a room and you do not want any of the items, sacrifice all - it will keep the MUD running fast and it will reward you with gold and sometimes qp.
  • If you find a nice item that you want to save for later, go to Swish 1 down of the recall room and store it with him.
  • Check the notes in the Guild Hall every time you log in.
  • Lastly, if you need help - ask for it. We pride ourselves on being a tight knit community and are always happy to help our newest companions.