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Commands generally do exactly the the name implies, however if you ever have any questions simply type HELP followed by the command you want to learn more about in-game to get more information (HELP STORE for instance) The following is a list of some (though not all) of the more important commands for a new player to know.

Basic Commands[edit]

Exploration: Look, Exits, Examine

Directions: North, South, East, West, Up, Down, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Enter

Items & Equipment: Get (Take), Inventory, Equipment, Junk, Donate, Sacrifice, Compare, Put, Fill, Empty, Buy, Sell, Auction, Store, Wear, Remove, Wield, Hold, Repair

Character Related, Bio, Homepage, Multiclass, Returnclass, Advancewizard, Advancetier, Score, Who, Title, Save, Quit, Socials, Help, Hlist, Status, Sleep, Wake, Rest, Practice, Train

Experience: Kill, Consider, Flee, Wimpy, Cast

Communication: Channels, Gossip, OOC, Newbietalk, Racetalk, Muse, Tell, Say, Reply, Note, Shout, Yell

Magical Items: Recite, Zap, Brandish, Quaff

Staff list: Wizlist

Character development: Level, Practice, Train

Customization: Config, Prompt

Advanced Commands[edit]

Exploration: Areas

PK: Bounty, Bribe, Paybounty, Obscure, Pkstat, Where, Range

Following: Ftell, Finfo, Roster, Victories, Gsend, Pray, Worship, Apostatize, Fdeposit

Rankings: scoreexp, scoreinv, scoremobm, scoreqp, scorepk, scoregold, scoremk

More Commands[edit]

Convert - Converts 50 practice sessions into 1 training session.

Deposit/Withdraw - Deposit gold for safe keeping into bank account.

Ranking - See the various rankings