The Brood

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The Brood
Deity Vukral / Belerik // Vlokian
Alignment Lawful Evil
Temple The Lair of the Brood



The Brood is an ancient horde of evil spellcasters and fighters. Their deity, Vukral, encourages his followers to follow their bloodthirsty urges and attack the realm in his name. Vukral was a mortal necromancer in the days when necromancers dominated the realm. He became one of the first deities and then disappeared for some time. He has recently reappeared with an eagerness to dominate this realm. No one knows why he left, but he came back hungrier than before. It is understood that until the entire realm worships Vukral, his horde will not stop their attacks. It is wise to be wary of anyone who follows this dark deity.

Following Information[edit]

The Brood is a Lawful Evil following.

Entrance Requirements:

Talk with Vukral or one of his followers. Vukral is fairly active, but may be invisible to mortals/non-followers.

Temple Information[edit]

The walls appear to be made of highly polished black obsidian and feature intricate carvings depicting violent horrors and crimson glowing runes. The magnificent scale and amount of fine detail are a marvel to behold. To the west several comfortable chairs stand in contrast to the architecture of the temple, almost inviting. Hung upon the western wall is a painting depicting a dark deity being worshiped by a multitude of followers under a crimson moon. Directly to the north is a throne of obsidian under glowing crimson light. Two large doors to the south stand as a barrier between the Lair and the rest of Hades.

Directions from Guild Hall

Up, 2d, 3n

Currently the entrance in Hades is not linked to the temple.