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Created June 2001
Status Active
Race Elf
Areas Written Several...
Promotions Implementor (Founder) September 2001
Following Illusions
Special Duties Lead programmer, Web master, Area coordinator


An excessively handsome elf stands before you adorned in white linen robes with gold trim. His eyes glow blue, the shade of the sky as they fixate on yours. His long white hair extends just beyond his shoulders and flows freely. Clutched in his right hand is a menacing looking Katana and in his left a shield made of flames! He truly must be very powerful to wield elements in such a way. His face is young, yet somehow emanates centuries of knowledge and wisdom. His smile makes you feel calm and safe.

Important Notes[edit]

[ 14] Syriac: An Implementor's Philosophy Sat Oct 19 20:06:37 2013 To: All Greetings, I wanted to share my philosophy on being and implementor so that there may be no questions as to how and why I conduct myself as I do. Let me put this out front, I cannot please you all. When I first started I used to stress a great deal over this, because I truly want to make everyone happy, the difference between then and now is that I know I cannot. So what can I focus on then? Making compromises, and ensuring that the greater population of the MUD is content. I strive to be fair, but also generous. If I had to define what I constantly strive for in one word it would be balance. You see, when you have a small percentage of the entire population being exceedingly stronger than the rest, you have a disparage that isn't fun for anyone except said group. While I do not aim to punish people for playing successful, I also do not want to punish those who haven't had the benefits of time and experience. So I am forced to make difficult decisions, and this is where some people become unhappy. If there is a player out there with severely inflated equipment, what are my options? Kill them and take the gear out of circulation? Can you imagine how well that would go over? Raise the cap so as to make their equipment less valuable? What would that do to new players? Or can I cap the equipment, modify how the stats work for everyone and let them retain it? This is the path I choose in this scenario, and while ... (contd in Part 2)

[ 15] Syriac: An Implementor's Philosophy (Part 2) Sat Oct 19 20:07:21 2013 To: All (cont'd from part 1) it isn't perfect it is still the best path. Additionally I work to find objects that are over powered and at least flag them as limited. When players lose gear over time, I do not replace it (unless it was due to a bug, which I can say 100% honestly eq loss is rarely the result of a bug, it has more to do with dying and not getting everything from a corpse because your hands are full). My goal has always been to create a game that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Even if I were to never focus on balance and leave things over powered as they were, in time those players wouldn't be happy either because new players would never stay long and they would be alone. In the end, I ask you to trust my judgment. I may not always be right, but there may also be a bigger picture or hidden elements behind the scenes you may not be privy to. I am always interested in hearing your ideas, and the best place to do that is on the forums - If you have questions or concerns, feel free to post a note or find me online. Best, Syriac


Syriac will grant experience if venerated. Syriac is Chaotic Good.


Syriac began Realm of Shadows with Dezmond when they were 15 years old.

Syriac and Dezmond have been life long friends since the second grade, along with Draven.