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Stock items are equipment items that pop consistently on NPCs within the game. If you are able to kill the mob, these items should always appear. Most stock items are not going to be extreme in stats due to their easy availability. This game is designed for those who gather the random items throughout their experience. However, knowing where an item is that has the stats you need can be pretty useful.

Editor Note[edit]

For those wishing to add items to the list, please sort by Wear Location.

Wear Location Object Mob Area Effects Metal
Head a golden crown King and Queen Zizor Crete AC 5 wis:3
Head a bloodcap Asterion Asterion's Labyrinth AC 8 dmg:2 hr:1 da:2 Metal
Body a bloodvest Asterion Asterion's Labyrinth AC 9 hp:35 ma:-25 da:2 Metal
Legs a pair of bloodleggings Asterion Asterion's Labyrinth AC 9 dmg:1 hr:1 da:1 Metal
wwp a brooch of Crete King and Queen Zizor Crete 1 con