Quest items

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QP Wear Location Item Name Effects
1500 weapon a lethal katana 8-22 (avg 15) enchantable
2000 light an arcane bolt dmg:3
2500 body a tunic of elven chain mail AC 11 dmg:3 hr:4 res(fire) svs:-3 svb:-2
750 wrist a spiked rock bracer AC 7 dmg:2 hr:2 str:3 res(electricity) res(fire)
1000 about body an enchanted dragon scale sash AC 12 hr:4 dmg:3
1250 finger the Ring of Divine Blessing AC 2 dmg:3 svs:-4 res(energy) res(electricity) res(cold) res(fire) (can use enchant armor)
2750 body a black dragon hide tunic AC 10 dmg:5 hr:3 res(blunt)
2250 neck an Ancient Relic AC 0 ma:25 hr:2 svs:-2 dmg:4
500 n/a 650,000 gold n/a
1000 n/a 1,500,000 gold n/a
1250 n/a a bag of shadows 250kg (fire proof, inventory flagged)
2000 weapon a razor sharp dagger 10-13 (avg 11.5) enchantable, piercer


Quest points can be earned in a variety of ways, the first and most practical is by receiving and completing quests from the quest master east of the recall room.

Other ways to earn QP:

  • Sacrifice valuable items.
  • Kill invaders in invasion quests.
  • Earn them from high level immortals.
  • Eat quest tokens when rewarded with by a high level immortal.