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Created Feb 8, 2006
Status Semi-Active
Race Human
Following Dark Dragoons
Special Duties Administration, Quests

Current Description[edit]

Slowly your face discerns the source of your fate. Ice blue eyes penetrate you from the 5'1 stance of a lean arkadian assassin. His skin is smooth and his appearance has the pleasing beauty of the elf. Clad in simple leathers, only a silver chain makes any sort of noise as he passes by. Curious markings are burned into his leather wrist guards. symbols of the mighty Arkadian clan known for there courageous feats in battle and there adherence to their strict code of honor. His weapon, encrusted with a single jewel lays quiet, but poised and ready to become one with him in battle. Stark white hair with dark strip of leather, revealing a scar starting just behind his left ear. The thick angry red line continues and disappears into the back of his rugged leather armor. He murmurs a gracious greeting as his eyes release their gaze he sees your shock at his ghastly scar. "A friend became greedy and brought his knife into my back. As you can see... I have survived. He did not." His eyes bore into you once again and with words that are almost seared into your heart. He warns: "By my honor you are either friend or foe"


Real life friend of Syriac from elementary school.

Time line[edit]

Promoted to Lesser God early Oct 2013. Promoted to God 9 Oct 2013.