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These beautiful creatures are the result of the mixing of human and Elven blood. Though the resulting Half-Elf is not as intelligent as the pure- blooded Elf, nor as hardy as the full-blooded Human, this mix serves quite well in a variety of classes which require the standards of both mental and physical prowess. Their beautiful almond eyes enable them to discern objects in the darkness. They also resist cold like elves do. Not as tall as the pure Elf, they range from five feet six inches to six feet five inches, with a heavier musculature than their ancestors.

  • Half-elves receive 2 extra trains upon reaching the second level.
  • Half-elves have natural experience bonus.

Hometown: Galador

Classes Available[edit]

Spellcaster Fighter Thief
Brown Wizard, Druid, Paladin, & Cleric Warrior & Ranger Thief