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Status Retired
Race Elf
Following The Beleza


 Standing before you is a human woman. She has long brown hair
 and deep brown eyes. Her lips are lush and red, and look soft
 enough to kiss. She stands at the average height for a human
 woman, and is of average build. She is adorn in magnificent blue silk robes
  that have a glow for some arcane reason. Around her body
 is a dark cyan aura. She gives you a gentle smile and says in
 a soft, musical voice, "I am Emily". Emily proudly
 displays a ring worn on her left hand given to her by her
 husband Sirus, the Creator of the Realm. Around her neck is a
 beautiful amulet with a blue stone set into it. Looking deeply
 into the stone you see your true self. You take a second look
 into her deep brown eyes and find yourself lost in them, her 
 warmth filling you with joy inside. Her face, yet youthful,
 still shows signs of someone who has seen many years and many
 grand events. Her beauty makes you gravitate towards her.
 Emily is intoxicating!
 Emily is in perfect health.
 Emily is using:
 <used as light>     (Token Magic) (Glowing) an ethereal light [m|aff: detect_invis aff: detect_magic 1# ]
 <worn on finger>    (Glowing) a token of Sirus' affection [|AC -2 int:-1 svb:-2 int:3 wis:3 1# ]
 <worn on finger>    (Ancient Magic) (Mystical) a ring of beauty [m|AC 0 dex:1 str:10 str:10 str:10 1# ]
 <worn around neck>  (Moderate Magic) A beautiful string of pearls [mND|AC 1 cha:3 1# ]
 <worn around neck>  (Moderate Magic) the Heavenly Amulet of Beauty [mND|AC 1 cha:3 str:3 1# ]
 <worn on head>      (Weak Magic) A wreath of jasmine flowers [m|AC 3 str:2 1# ]
 <worn on feet>      (Weak Magic) A pair of rope sandals [m|AC 3 dex:2 3# ]
 <worn about body>   (Powerful Magic) An elegant white silk cloak [m|AC 4 str:10 5# ]
 <worn about waist>  (Weak Magic) A delicate satin waistpouch [m|AC 4 con:2 3# ]
 <wielded>           -=*A Magnificent White Marble Staff*=- [|6-4 dmg:80 hr:81 hr:81 hr:-81 1# ]


  • In Realm wife of Sirus(Syriac).