Edge of Darkness

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Edge of Darkness
Deity Kole
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Ordained Nyx
Temple Temple of Darkness



Edge of Darkness is a line between good and evil with tendencies of of either or. Helping those in need and destroying those who threaten. Our goal is overall peace but will do what ever they have to to rule the land.

Temple Information[edit]

A dim bluish light suffuses this chamber, its source obvious at a glance. Blue-glowing lichen and violet-glowing moss cling to the ceiling and spread across the floor. It even creeps down and up each wall, as if the colonies on the floor and ceiling are growing to meet each other. Their source seems to be a glowing, narrow crack in the ceiling, the extent of which you cannot gauge from your position. The air in the room smells fresh and damp.

Temple Directions from Guild Hall:

Up, 2n, 3e, 5n