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Dwarves, as a general rule, are a race of extremes. A dwarf does nothing without throwing himself into body and soul, whether it be fighting, singing, drinking, or mining. The dwarven way is, if you're going to do something, do it not only right, but better than every other race in The Realms. This single-mindedness is one of their finest, and at times one of their worst, qualities.

Dwarves tend to think of themselves as superior to the other races in The Realms. While they don't deny that humans, elves, and the other races have achieved power and a level of civilization, they are convinced that these races would eventually make a muck of it all were not dwarves around to keep them out of trouble. Many a party has gagged a belligerent dwarf who was berating the other races in the group.

On the brighter side, dwarves are likely the most fiercely loyal companions to be had. It is not an easy thing to befriend a dwarf, but it is definitely worth the effort. A dwarf will stand by a companion through the worst. A dwarf that turns his back on a friend is lower than a kobold in the eyes of his kindred. When you make a dwarven friend, you make a friend, and an ally, for life.

  • Dwarves have natural damage absorption.
  • Dwarves receive a +3 bonus to wisdom.

Hometown: Dwarvenville

Classes Available[edit]

Spellcaster Fighter Thief
Brown Wizard & Cleric Warrior Thief