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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} Belerik.jpg Belerik spent his time as a mortal serving his lord, Vukral. He was never known as a killer. However, Vukral saw the potential within him. Chaos began to consume Belerik, as his many attempts to gain favor from his lord went unnoticed with each failed kill.

The Chaos would become his life, and Vukral soon found, within Belerik, that chaos would bring about his reign. Belerik became an artist in constructing chaos. It was no longer about killing for the sake of killing. Intimidation was what would scratch his itch.

With Vukral in power, and with the others within the Brood, Belerik gained the full favor of Vukral.

He would ascend to immortality after allowing one of the children of Vukral to claim his life. The ascension was quick, and his power would soon overcome that of Vukral.

Ever the loyal servant, Belerik continues to serve Vukral by shaping the realm. In his mind, the more realm there is, the more Vukral has to rule.


Belerik was promoted to Eternal God on Dec 17, 2009.


Belerik was one of 3 immortals to lead The Brood, the first being his real life brother Vukral.