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Idea to change how AFK works

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  • Idea to change how AFK works

    The way that AFK works now is you get an AFK flag and you still get an exp bonus for being online for an hour or two hours or so. My idea is to change the AFK command to where when you are AFK you still keep the flag but you don't idle out or disappear into the void and log out and you also dont get an experience bonus so that players can just go AFK and take advantage of the experience bonus while theyre asleep or something. That way players can be AFK for an hour or more at a time without getting logged out so that they can go back in the chat incase they miss anything. Another thing with the AFK command that could be changed is if you have spell triggers the AFK flag wont be removed until you either move around or type AFK again so that your spell triggers dont cancel out the AFK flag and get you logged out. Just an idea, anyone have anything to add or say for the idea? I'd be glad to hear feedback.