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  • Ideas for enhancements on gameplay/chargen

    In another thread there was some discussion about experience being changed because it was too 'easy' to level.

    We also have a separate thread that touches on a core issue with the multi-class system that inherits entire classes in that - 1 its easy for 1 or more of them to become useless (warrior), partially due to OM's but 2 also it's due to lack of viable options for Races - you can sometimes lock yourself into classes just by selecting a race.There also aren't as many options for alternate fighters/rogues - its almost restricted to picking a caster and then throwing in ranger or warrior and finally thief - I think actually many times you wouldn't even get to pick Ranger or Warrior, you're locked into it as I said above.

    Speaking of Races, they seem to have kind of lost their way/purpose - very few true 'racial' abilities, very little way of exposing their traits - which makes sense because its not like you can 'shop' around for classes when you pick minotaur, I would also say there's some weird discrepancies (like elves and humans having classes available to them that half-elves do not?) We spoke of this briefly but I bet if you polled races and classes you see very contrasting populations/usage

    So, we have the 'experience' of leveling, Class selection and variance issues, and Race direction and variance concerns

    Here's my plan -

    Races - Open them up to all classes. Give each Race some pool of benefits like +/- Stats, resists/immune, natural skills/racial abilities.

    Classes - Each class should modify your stats (+race/eq mods) and they should be more open to gains on 2nd and 3rd multiclass so that gear/race/class actually make different characters

    Leveling - Make Gains Matter! So my crazy idea is this - now I can be any race for any class I start. Here the direction could be different things but I would say this: Your first class is your primary class and your gains work as they do now for each level to 50. When you multiclass you have two options as a mud owner - you can either keep the primary class 'gains' as this one levels up or switch to the new classes gains and make the races mods and eq mods roll into the gains.

    Next, on the 2nd and 3rd playthroughs.. instead of giving the same experience, what if you had the option to absorb the benefits of the EQ you are wearing by some formula. So if the EQ I am wearing is +15 Int +10 wis +10 con when I go from level 10 to level 11, the game would eat my EQ, and say (int+wis)/5 += max mana and con/4 += max hp. This would encourage players to go slow and explore and gear up if they want for a small bonus, add gameplay for all that gear that drops, and is kind of already baked into the system through various functions (like death). Probably adding a command to 'level' or 'advance' would allow people to lock themselves into a level to make sure they have the EQ/stats they want for gains.

    So thats my concept, by doing all things that require no real heavy code lifting by opening up races, making their stats matter for gains and fleshing them all out to be decent options for more classes while giving purpose to the leveling aspect of the 2nd and 3rd run through of levels.