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  • Changs to the limited definition


    I like the way limiteds are handled here more than what I've seen on other muds. With that said, I have some ideas that may - or may not, improve the function.

    1. Sell additional limit slots for an extraordinary amount of gold. like 5-10 mil.
    2. Pair limiteds with the eq swap code - limiteds can only be worn by the person that it is assigned to.

    I think these changes accomplish two good things, but I'm also unsure about another.

    The Good:

    1. Another gold sink. The more the better.
    2. Encourage people to pop limiteds, it's something fun to do.
    a. You have to earn it more often than before - (someone can still hand you a corpse)
    b. I need it, so let's go get it

    The Questionable:

    Some of the items are totally awesome and while the mob is hard, the zone isn't. Will it be too easy to stack limiteds and acquire Uber gear? Or is it not too easy, since you have to fund raise the slots, or with the super mob gear creep - do limited not have the highest potential in every slot?

    Some items, like the mask of flesh cannot be matched by a random item. But in other slots, I've seen random items that are incomparable to what pops in the realm.

    I thought this would at least be interesting to discuss.


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    I already like this idea less. I think I prefer item 2 without item 1.


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      Originally posted by Modric View Post
      I already like this idea less. I think I prefer item 2 without item 1.
      Haha, that's totally ok. Good to talk through ideas. I'm not sure how much we need to tweak the limited system right now, I think between super mob randoms / sockets and the limited items that exist there's a fairly good balance to getting unique sets that scratch all of the itches. I'm not really for expanding the current setup, but if there are new items to consider adding into it - some fourth option maybe that would be a better route. I've tossed around the idea of crafting for a long time, I wrote some supporting code, but never went any further. I wonder if maybe that would be of interest. The challenge always is how would you figure out materials? Maybe just allow for the object to be crafted with some # of sockets based on skill level and then people use gems to fill in the rest? I feel like this is a good idea, but already regret saying it because people will like it and then I have to do actual work again...


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        Crafting... If you really open that can, be ready for the wave of wants and desires. I love the idea of crafting, but let's look at progs doing the work to see if it's worth it for you to put in the effort .