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  • Troy
    You did a lot of help files too!

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  • syriac
    started a topic Version 2.70d

    Version 2.70d

    Version 2.70d 5/2/2020-5/7/2020
    * Fixed glitch, database entries for players were not being deleted if
    they deleted themselves.
    * Game now keeps track of generations (How many times a player's name
    has been used).
    * Mages can cast in their own silence.
    * Non PK players corpses may only be looted by themselves.
    * Supermobs have very low chance of contracting disease.
    * Lowbie players cannot attack a mob greater than 20 levels if its hp is less
    than half.
    * Fixed a glitch with multiclass casting.
    * Wizards can only summon one creature at a time (1 of each is ok).
    * Groups will now follow their leaders through the guild portal.