Version 2.75b 7/14/2020
* MOBPROGs are based on effective level now not current class level.
* Modified water travel.
* Fighting mobs will not walk out of combat anymore.
* Area names now display under room descriptions.

Version 2.75a 7/11/2020
* Intermud 3 capability added and finally working!

Version 2.74c 7/11/2020
* Fixed another repair bug (Thanks Eska!)
* Installed IMC... still a work in progress.

Version 2.74b 6/29/2020
* Fixed DA bug that has existed since the beginning of the code being introduced.
* Modified NumAttacks to be logical based on level.
* Fixed poison weapon not removing other flags (fire/ice/electric)
* Poison weapon no longer has a time.
* Modified Swish repair code.
* Modified mob DA, now that DA code has been fixed.
* Fixed Acetum Primus spell.

Version 2.74a 6/21/2020
* Configurable MOTD now can be shown in WHO command.
* Modified disease spread and what happens if you recover.