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    Be sure to create Placeholder mobs and objects within your area file. The first two vnums used for each should be the first and last vnum in your zone. Here are two examples:

    The Evil Circus| Rooms: 1800 - 1899 Objs: 1800 - 1899 Mobs: 1800 - 1899
    Dwarven Mines | Rooms: 1900 - 1923 Objs: 1900 - 1920 Mobs: 1900 - 1931

    While this does not have an effect on gameplay, it's a tidy way to help Syriac and I find numbers for zones. If you'll look at the Evil Circus, it starts and stops at 1800-1899 for rooms, objects, and mobiles. We take a simple look at that zone and know where things can start on a new one in that area. Koke kicked ass for that. Now, look at the next zone. The rooms, objects, and mobiles all end with different numbers. That means each vnum has a different range. If I just looked at the rooms, wanted to create a new zone behind it, I'd bump into an issue with the mob vnums because they would clash. To use vnums "next door" to this zone, I'd have to start after 1931 for all of my numbers.

    Again, this is not really as much of a problem as it is a request. It's just an organizational and tidying up of what we see when we try to locate vnums for new zones.