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New Zones - Andariel River, Gahn River

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  • New Zones - Andariel River, Gahn River

    The Andariel River was added to the realm! I wrote Andariel and Gahn is another amazing product by Troy!

    I suggest entering Andariel at the top, which is an eastern exit from Andariel field, (just north of Galador). You can also enter from Midgaard or Rivendell, but I prefer the full length as it is a leisurely float to the Elven Outpost. After the Outpost, you will find the Gahn! Wider yet, and continued kills for our newbie folk.

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    There is a bridge that needs a zone attached North of the volcano. Just sayin'. It was a project I began long ago, and fell out of area writing. I was going to use this to open up a northern continent.

    You guys keep kicking ass. I'll retire from being Realm Architect.