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    Hello all,

    So a few things worth noting about the new exp changes. I discovered some flaws in how exp was being calculated, and also some code that was obsolete. I had noticed people getting levels in under a minute in some cases, which is anywhere from 20-40k exp. That was never the intention. I don't like exp to be a mindless grind, but let's be reasonable - there should be some effort in this as well. So here's what you need to know.

    * Exp previously capped out your effective level at 45 for calculation purposes. I did this because years ago, there were not many high level exp zones. This was my solution to get around that. Now thanks to Troy and Kole, there are options so this line of code is obsolete.
    * XPB was being factored in 3 separate spots during the exp gain calculations, obviously it should have only been once. I adjusted this and also decided to not let it exceed the various caps for normal, double and triple exp. What this means is there is still value in wearing xpb - you'll get capped exp you probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. But you won't see 1k+ a kill anymore for your base exp gain. (Save for mobmaster quests)
    * The exp spiral was previously very weak, again this was due to few options for exp. What this does is lower the experience you earn every time you kill the same mob. I've adjusted this so there is a penalty if you kill the same mob over 10x in a short period of time. Exp will diminish more and more, to get around this players should hop between exp zones.
    * Lastly, diminishing returns for lower level mobs. As everyone was probably aware, if you were 10 levels higher than your opponent you earned 0 exp. Otherwise, there was no major penalty. The game now adjusts for each level less until reaching 10 where it hits 0. For instance 1 level less you earn 95% of total exp, 2 levels 90 and so on. The curve gets steeper as you go down. Worth noting that you can still hit the exp caps if you have xpb on. So a mob can be 5 levels less and you can still hit max exp.

    Hope this clears everything up. I know some people won't like this, but was it really fun leveling up 15 times in 5 minutes by just spamming area spells?


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    I love this change. I have not of course played with it yet, but it needs to be challenging the whole time or we get bored. Also we need to explore more!