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  • Realm Map Competition

    I will be holding a competition to get the most accurate realm map possible. Accuracy is 100% the key here. If you can provide me with a graphical map, I will use it to make an interactive map for the website.

    As for the graphical needs, I just need spacing to be as accurate as possible. It does not need to be a masterpiece. I will make a new map using your collected data, but relevant distance is needed.

    ??????My rewards:
    Top Map: 1250 Quest Points, 750,000 Gold, Something Super Special
    Second Place: 750 Quest Points, 250,000 Gold, Restring
    Third Place: 250 Quest Points, 100,000 Gold, Restring
    Participant Reward: WWP Participation Ribbon Restring (+1 Stat addition)

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    I hardly even know how to get to the circus i would fail very much if i made a map lol