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Version 2.51c - 13 Dec 2009

Version 2.51c - 13 Dec 2009
* Password encryption has been fixed.
* Major overhaul of max training of stats and how much over max train you can go now. Since I know a lot of people will complain if I don't reveal everything here you go --- (Max you can train is 18 + your race modifier, max it will go with eq is 25 + your race modifier) - level gains, regeneration and other things depend on this greatly. This has the potential to enhance things quite a bit.
* Modified mana gains, luck now plays a factor in them and they are less random than before.
* Certain items are now flagged as LIMITED, meaning they may not always be there!
* Fixed a glitch on casting offensive spells on players out of range before it was discovered. (go me)
* Fixed a bug in cast that wasn't letting pcs cast offensive spells on pcs in range.
* Mortals may not cast on immortals now, their spells will fizzle.

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