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Version 2.39c (August 12, 2004)

Version 2.39c (August 12, 2004)
* Made adjustments to multiclassing. 
* Installed Rivendell area.
* Fixed some random bugs, tweaked code.

Version 2.39a (August 9, 2004)
* Modified random generation slightly. 
* Added new fields to the whois command 
Version 2.38b (August 1, 2004)
* Fixed a few item bugs. 
* Fixed the language bug.
* Started coding the Angel class.
* Actually remembered to update this.
Version 2.35b (February 14, 2004)
* Fixed a bug with immortal steal command.
* Fixed bug with "mobmaster check".
* Fixed XP loss with quitting with a mobmaster quest.
* Fixed XP loss for failing an mobmaster quest when ticks run out.
* Fixed bug with PKSTAT not showing some PKs.

Version 2.35a (February 1, 2004)
* Nayanthis is promoted to Demigod, his temple is installed as is his following called "the Elders"
* The FDEPOSIT code is written (help fdeposit) as the early phases of the following wealth code.
* A few small changes made to the finfo command. 

Version 2.34e (January 29, 2004) 
* Maemond Island Installed. (Syriac)
* Bug in get all from PC corpses fixed.
* Object aquests temporarily removed.
* Potential code loop fixed.
* Minor changes to online stats page.

Version 2.34c 2.34d (January 4, 2004)
* Dwarves may now be paladins.
* The MUD School has been removed.
* Improvements to Aarock University made, all objects that come from 

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