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Anyone interested in helping me with the development of this project? I will reward the hell out of those that help. The thing, though, is that all zones will be strictly overseen by me. I have begun drawing out a map that will guide us in terrain, as well as theme for each area. Major zones (race hometowns) will be done by me. These will consume a lot my build time, but the final products should be solid.

If you would like to help, please take it seriously. The rewards will be serious.

What I need:

Dungeon zones. These will be generic zones. Room descriptions will be checked for typos and minor errors. Mobiles, because of game code, will be checked for theme. Ex: Goblins need to be racially set to Goblin. See simple things, really.

Connection zones. Roads. Rivers. Bridges. Same scrutiny level as dungeons.

Attraction zones. These are major theme zones. The writing needs to be above average. The design needs to fit the theme. These zones will be thought out and mapped out before they are approved. Scrutiny will be higher on these zones.


Dungeons/Connections  - Custom Item (larger zone = better stats), 5k gold per room, 500 quest points for every 25 rooms

Attractions - Custom Item; socketed, 7.5k gold per room, 1000 quest points per 25 rooms

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